Recent Articles on The Center for Arts and Culture

Creativity and the Law

How does the law affect culture and creativity? Three issues are preeminent legal concerns for the next decade: Copyright and Intellectual Property, Free Expression and Content Control, and Consolidation and Consumer Choice. Legal challenges, court decisions, and a changing regulatory framework will make a tremendous impact upon our cultural life. read more »

National Investment in Creativity

How do we best invest resources to make culture vibrant and accessible? To complement market forces, public policies encourage creativity, provide opportunities for access, and support arts, humanities, and cultural heritage. In the United States, our national investment in culture takes two basic forms: direct subsidy programs and incentives, pri read more »

Culture and Communities

Culture is at the essence of community. The Center looks at the role that culture plays in community development, combating sprawl, revitalizing rural districts and urban centers, and improving quality of life and the benefits of social capital. Through historic preservation, cultural tourism and civic engagement, culture plays an integral part in read more »

International Relations and Culture

How do changing global dynamics affect culture? Globalization -- the expanding system of integrated markets, nation states, and technologies -- presents both opportunities and challenges in the unprecedented volume of creative and cultural exchange between peoples around the world. Do shrinking borders offer broader access to ideas, cultural produ read more »

Access and Equity

People access culture in many ways: by going to museums, libraries and performances; through educational exchange; through print, radio, television and film; and through the world wide web and one-to-many e-mail communication. No matter the system of distribution, policies that foster access to the cultural infrastructure are critical to citizens' read more »

The Creative Sector Project

Richard Florida's The Rise of the Creative Class climbed to Amazon's bestseller list and is still being discussed six months after publication. The New England Council has a public-private investment blueprint for the region's creative sector, which employs a quarter-million people. Americans for the Arts recently published a study that shows nonp read more »

Art, Artists and Teaching

In June of 2002, leaders from education and the arts gathered at Bennington College in Vermont to discuss the challenges facing arts education today. A collaboration between the college and the J. Paul Getty Trust, the Art, Artists and Teaching symposium was designed to explore new ways to infuse the creative impulses of the arts and artists info read more »