The Center for Arts and Culture

Our work is dedicated to help improve the research infrastructure, foster and broaden public debate about cultural policy and provide timely information and news. The continuously increasing public interest through grassroots support powers our long-term sustainability.

The Center for Arts and Culture aims to inform and improve policy decisions that affect cultural life. The guiding principles of the mission include freedom of imagination, inquiry and expression, as well as freedom of opportunity for all to participate in a vital and diverse culture.

Founded in Washington, DC, the Center is a non-partisan organization, supported by foundations and individuals and governed by a board of directors. The Center commissions research, holds public roundtables, and publishes new voices and perspectives on the arts and culture.

The Center identifies seven areas where policies intersect with cultural issues:

  • Law
  • Globalization
  • Access
  • Preservation
  • Community
  • Investment
  • Education

In each of these issue areas, you can find the news, events, and publications on key policy questions, as well Center research and information.

Public programs are a key part of the Center's goal of widening the community of interest around cultural policy issues. The initial series of public programming was a series of public panel discussions in Washington, DC around topics as far-ranging as globalization to e-culture.

The Center has also sponsored forums with a select group of participants who gather to discuss pressing cultural issues, and whose remarks are then transcribed and published in book form and on the web.